Friday, July 29, 2005

How Did I Ever Get By Without This?

Search It!

I discovered Search It! a few months ago, but I never really used it. I have started a new website and wanted to find keywords for optimizing my web pages. I tried going to Overture and Google and using their keyword tools. I was getting nowhere FAST.

I decided to try the free Search It! tool. You do not have to download and install anything. You just click the link and it opens a browser window with Search It! running.

You will see four dropdown menus:

Select a Search Category
Select a Search Type
Enter a Search Term.
Enter another Search Term (or other data depending upon the Search Category and Search Type selected).

Then you click Search It!.

While you are awaiting results, you are directed to a web page that teaches you about the search function you just used and suggests what you may do differently. There is a link at the bottom of the page that says "Please click here to see your search results." In just a moment, you have the data you need to make decisions about your site, your blog, your sales page or your concept.

When you are finished examining results, close that window and there is your Search It! tool, waiting to complete another task. You will probably find Search It! a little addicting. I searched hundreds of times today, just to see what was involved wiht all the different categories of searches. But, I think I learned more today about search engines than I knew from all the "how to" ebooks I have read and optimization software trials I used in the past 5 years.

You know what is funny? I stumbled on the local business angle. Want to know where to get a pedicure in a town you are visiting? How about pizza delivery to your hotel room? Need a taxi or limo? Search It! pulls up an entire directory of services you select, organized by geographic proximity to you.

I finally closed the Search It! tool as I was not getting anything else done. Well, I guess I should take that back... we did order pizza from a new restaurant and I did make an appointment for a spa pedicure.

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