Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pocket Fisherman Fun

My husband came home so excited yesterday. "I found one, I found one!" He pulls out this box, about the size of saltine box and rips it open.

I asked, "What is it?" He happily replied, "I found a pocket fishermen." He has wanted one forever, but they are hard to find. This is something that Ronco made before they started with the slice and dice.

I must admit it is pretty cool. The rod folds up and there is fishing tackle in the handle. I said, "Well, I am glad you found one. I hope you use it, " He grinned, "I will." I almost expected to find him in his fishing vest and hat.

I walked into the bedroom last night and felt something hit my leg. I looked down and did not see a thing. Then I looked up at Michael. He had that pocket fisherman out and he was practicing casting into the recycle box! I just giggled and walked out. Next time I came in, he had a catnip toy tied to the end of the line and was baiting the cat with it. LOL


Anonymous said...

i hope you catch him... :). if it sounds so good why are they so hard to find?

CyberCelt said...

@jew-I do not know. He said he has been looking for one for years.

Anonymous said...

hmm funny
even without really understanding what this fisherthing is :)

Sarah84 said...

hi dear,

i'm amazing i and my husband joining our time like urs, lol, but i dont have one now, :(
by the way, i dont know what can i do in PPP? please tell me!

CyberCelt said...

@sarah84yn-Followed you and left you comment on your blog.


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