Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keeping Time and Out of Trouble

Searching the web the other day, a transposed combination of letters deposited me at  The website was intriguing, so I signed up for a trial and went exploring. When I bill by the hour, I keep track of time on a piece of paper.  If I forgot to log some time, it is lost. If I am working on multiple projects, tracking time can become troublesome.

Clockodo Timekeeping Program

Clockodo is a web-based timekeeping program that appears to take the trouble out of timekeeping and billable hours. The program also can track multiple projects and personnel, as well as collate information into graphs (pie and line), project reports and other formats.

How It Works

The web interface of Clockodo looks like a desktop, complete with wood grain. After you login, you may add a new project, a new customer, a new service or work on an existing project.

Timekeeping for the individual is easy. Just click the clock in the upper right corner of the desktop and a window opens with a grayed out clock.  When all the data is entered, the clock will turn green.  When your time is being tracked the clock turns yellow.

Select your project and add or update the service provided or task description. Start your time clock; however, if you forget, you may make a manual time entry.  The final report will show whether the time entry was "on the clock" or manually added. It would probably be a good idea to document why a manual entry was completed. There are many reasons: at customer site, network down, working at home, etc. 

If you wish to stop working on one task and work on another, you must add the task in this same clock window by using the green + key. If you do not, you will be replacing the data entered with new data.

Customers, Projects and Services

Projects for every customer are tracked, just as the services for each project are tracked.  The services that are set up in Clockodo are accountancy, acquisition, conception, customer pitch, design, education and programming. However, it is easy to add services, using the handy green + key.

Other Features

Once a project is completed, it may be deactivated.  This will keep the inactive project from appearing on lists, but the time entries remain for reporting purposes

If you currently use a timekeeping program, you may import your data into Clockodo.  You also may export the data in a comma separated value (CSV) file.

Full backup of all files may be performed from within the Clockodo application.  The files are kept for 90 days.

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