Sunday, October 9, 2005

Short Copywriting Course

We all have to write copy. Here is a short process you may use to write your next piece, whether it is an article, web content or book. If you work through this process and still need help, is just an email away!

Focus on your purpose - what are you doing? Do you want to sell something, or to have the person complete a form or to click through to another website?

Organize important message and supporting details - what benefits await the reader who completes the required action (your purpose)?

Improve the flow of ideas - read it aloud, let your friends look over your copy, run it through a spell checker and grammar checker.

Persuade your readers - did something work for you? A testimonial from you is the most persuasive tool to use. Your excitement about a product does not make it work.

Weed out extra words - action words usually make people take action. Everything else is fluff.

Energize your copy - not with extra exclamation points or all CAPS--but with your motivation. Even on paper, enthusiasm comes through to your reader.

Achieve the proper tone - your readers should be impressed by your grasp of key concepts, but not overwhelmed with your hyperbole (better known as BS).

Improve the format and structure - intensify your presentation by experimenting with layout, white space, size and positioning of graphics.

Reach your target audience - say it with style--YOUR style! Highlight what you think is important, lead the reader down the page to the final action-producing button, form or click.

Track all changes - if you make changes to copy, layout and design, keep records. If the element works, great; if not, change it.

Another great resource is the Netwriting Masters Course. Get your free copy today.

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