Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stereotypes Stick With iTunes

According to Nielsen//NetRatings, traffic to Apple's iTunes website and use of the iTunes application has increased over 241 percent over the past year. Reaching nearly14 percent of the active Internet population, the iTunes website and the iTunes application was used by 20.7 million unique visitors in December 2005.

In comparison with the average Internet users, the US users are are:

  • 17 years old (almost twice as likely to visit site and use application)
  • 54 percent male and 46 percent female
  • drivers and owners of Volkswagens (2.2 more likely)
  • drinkers of hard cider, imported and domestic beer for alcoholic beverage
  • readers of Wired (3.3 times more likely), Rolling Stone (2.6 times more likely) and For Him Magazine (2.5 times more likely)
  • Watchers of the Cartoon Network (1.4 times more likely) HBO (1.3 times more likely) and BBC America (1.2 times more likely)

My thoughts: What a stereotype! These are economically challenged, technically savvy, sexually oriented, slightly jaded young consumers. They have a sense of humor and a firm grip on politics. They like their own mix of music, do not care for commercials, and know they must go outside the USA news media to find the truth. They will be voting in 2010. Watch out politicians, you will not be able to fool these young people.

Sometimes, I love the way the world works. Comments?

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