Saturday, February 11, 2006

Marketing Success May be Yours

How do you succeed at Internet marketing and promotion? It is remarkably uncomplicated. People buy from the people they trust and respect.

Develop your difference. Why should someone purchase from you versus the next marketer? What added value or extras will the customer enjoy with their purchase from you?

Do not become complacent. One happy customer may send you 100 new customers. One angry customer will cost you 1000s.

People buy when the buying process feels natural, when they believe that buying will make them feel good.

If your visitors leave items in the shopping cart without taking the final step, you have a problem with the process.

Every communication with your customer should:
  • Hit an emotional hot-button. Success, Money, Love ...
  • State the benefits. What makes your information, product or service valuable?
  • Empower the customer. Put them in control of the decision making process.
  • Provide a low-risk offer that will allow them to continue to be engaged with you.
To your success!


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