Monday, February 6, 2006

What You Need to Know About Building Your Online Shopping Website

Questus is an interactive marketing development firm with a focus on customer website experiences.

Their latest research, an Internet survey of 425 employed US residents over the age of 18, found several design factors identified as being crucial in helping online customers make a purchase decision.
We find that Web sites have three seconds to make an impression... So aesthetics are critical, but usability is more important than aesthetics.
Stimulating Buying Behavior
  • Price is the number one reason for purchase.

  • The appearance of a site affects the degree of trust in shopping at site.

  • How a site actually works determines how well it sells.
What Shoppers Want
  • Good price (68 percent)

  • Shipping information (44 percent)

  • Attractive web site with standard navigation (37 percent)

  • Good product descriptions (38 percent)

  • Ease of purchase (32 percent)
What Shoppers Do Not Want
  • To register with the website (29 percent)

  • Spend time finding difficult to locate products (27 percent)

  • Shop at site that does not appear to be trustworthy and secure (17 percent)
The Upside to the Survey

The survey found that 72 percent of online shoppers said they either somewhat agreed or strongly agreed that online shopping was easier than shopping offline this year.

So, build an attractive, easily-navigatable website with a minimum of links and products. Install trusted security procedures. Sprinkle customer service and customer reviews throughout site to build consumer confidence. Do not ask shopper to register to make a purchase. If you take care of these issues, you will almost ensure your success!

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