Thursday, March 30, 2006

Multimedia Marketing Offers Special Challenges

Continued from Tuesday:

Targeting The Small Screen, Media Post's behavioral Insider for March 24 stresses the importance of the cell phone as a new channel for advertising:
  • Over 160 million Internet-enabled cell phones are in use today.

  • 20+ million people regularly access the Internet from cell phones.

  • almost 5 million Americans use video-enabled handsets.

  • Four channels (Mobile web, video broadcast, downloadable Java applets and games, text messaging) provide unique targeting abilities and marketing opportunities.
Tom Burgess, CEO of Third Screen Media, one of the first ad networks devoted to the new medium, explains how targeting will be used for mobile advertising:
What we've developed is an end-to-end ad delivery, tracking and management platform that can unify mobile Web, or WAP, downloadable Java, video and text messaging content and data. Targeting parameters we're using already include geography, carrier, device, keyword, and day part. But the big step we're moving to now is to integrate external databases with customer demographics and behavioral information.
So, watch that small screen for advertising and do not be surprised when you see it. First time I get a popup window on the cell phone, I am turning off my service.

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