Thursday, June 29, 2006

The future is here ... the 'toons did it.

Map of Cartoonland

Cartoon Network uses Flash animation, viewer interaction, pop hot spots, panoramic photography, virtual technology and well-known cartoon characters to produce an intriguing advertising sales site.

on location in cartoonland

Designed as a map of the fictional Cartoon Network, U.S.A. this advertising sales tool has been transformed into an online virtual tour of the next season on Cartoon Network.

digital platform

Explore the site and experience true viewer engagement--what the web could be if we add virtual tours and interactivity to our sites.

The future is here ... the 'toons did it.

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Anonymous said...

now thats a site i have been waiting for. Told my friends years ago about desingin a virtual city on the internet as a webpage and just never had the skills money or time, glad to the catoon network pull off such a cool site!

thanks for the post.

EuroYank said...

Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!


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