Monday, June 19, 2006

Keeping Tabs on Your Children Just Got Much Easier

Family-locator services are a definite help to families on the go AND are generating revenue from location technology required by law to be put into cell phones in the US. This technology allows the location of 911 emergency callers to be easily determined.

The links below will take you to the various websites so that you may compare services. These are the only ones I could find, but I am sure that every cell phone provider will quickly be offering similar services. Its a definite win-win situation for them and for families!
  • Chaperone is a new family-friendly service from Verizon Wireless. Parents can set up geographic limits and receive text alerts if their children, who also carry phones, go too far from home. The service also lets parents check where their offspring are via a map on their cell phone or computer.

  • Sprint's Family Locator services is an inexpensive way for families to stay in constant touch. Approved family members can locate loved ones without disturbing their activities, receive notification when a child enters or leaves a designated area, and quickly and easily send text messages to one or more family members.

  • Walt Disney and Sprint have launched a new wireless service, Disney Mobile. Receive a map to the location of your child's phone without calling. Using GPS technology, all adults on the account can use Family Locator from their Disney Mobile handset or the Disney Mobile website. Lots of other family-friendly services and content as well.
My son turns his cell phone off and leaves it at friends' homes and in their cars. Do you think they would allow me to implant the GPS locater IN him?

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