Friday, June 23, 2006

World Cup Streaker Ad Carries Heavier Message

What first appears to be a tasteless advertisement with a naked female streaking across the playing field while receiving a rowdy welcome at the World Cup, is actually a Public Service Announcement made to enlighten viewers of the issue of forced prostitution during the World Cup games.

The action segues to the darkened tunnel leading to the field, where a pair of men are brutalizing the female, ripping her clothes off, threatening her life, and forcing her to run onto the field. As she runs away from the men out onto the field, the scene dims.

Still cheering?

Thousands of women and girls will be trafficked into Germany during the World Cup and forced into prostitution.

There are things more important than soccer. It took a lot of guts to pass up a chance to advertise music TV and a lot of money to make this creative PSA. Well done, MTV!

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Karmyn R said...

Yee gads - I'm glad that the World Cup decided to bring awareness to this problem - it breaks my heart that forced prostituion is happening to those young girls. I look at my daughter and hope that she strives to be her best, given her opportunities and education that other other girls around the world arn't so forutnate to receive.


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