Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Beyond British Petroleum : Its a Start

bp petroleum as steward of the environmentOgilvy & Mather came up with British Petroleum advertising campaign using real people interviews and making BP stand for beyond petroleum.

Each spot ended with a list of beyond petroleum initiatives in which BP was involved, such as alternate energy sources and emissions reduction. And then the closing line: It's a start.

Great idea, no follow-through...

British Petroleum on Alaskan soilI wonder who is going to do the advertising campaign to clean up BP's image?

The environmentally-friendly BP has spilled thousands of gallons of oil onto the North Slop tundra in Alaska.

The Prudhoe Bay pipeline, which supplies 8 percent of US oil production, was corroded and leaking for many years because no one in BP (or bp) thought you might have to inspect it.

Maybe their advertisements might have touched on the responsibility of environmental stewardship in oil exploration.

Perhaps BP should have spent the advertising budget sending their pipeline engineers to Pipeline Maintenance 101?


Galli Galli Sim Sim said...

Nice way to ruin a missleading ad campaign. BP is going to be taken to court over this deal by the State of Alaska and the Feds.

Jonathan said...

Good point. BP must be feeling pretty embarrassed right now...


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