Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cool Blog : Driving Barefoot

The Cool Blog of the Week is Drivin' Barefoot.

Please click the blog thumbnail on the sidebar to journey to Drivin' Barefoot.
Drivin' Barefoot with the only Red~Headed, Blue Eyed, Freckle~Faced, Left~Handed, Colorblind, Guitar Pickin', Harpoon Blowin', LDS, Wisconsin Army National Guard Retired, U.S. Army (Airborne), Disabled Vet, On the Net
Please visit Ted's blog and argue politics with him. He loves it! Ted will email you to tell you that he has posted a rebuttal to your comment. Then you can go back and start all over again. When you look at his credentials (Army, Army Nat'l Guard, Disabled Vet), you know he deserves the right to wage any debate.

Nothing is sacred on Ted's blog. While everyone was writing a sappy post about someone who died on 9/11, Ted wrote the 11th day of September. Even his family is not immune to lighthearted ridicule--"where I come from, I a’m either related to you, or I a’m related to someone that i’s related to you."

Visit Drivin' Barefoot.** Tell Ted that CyberCelt sent you.

** Side effects that may result from this visit are lowered blood pressure from relaxing, blurred vision from tears in your eyes, dry mouth from smiling, sore muscles from laughing, and heightened sense of humor. Visit this blog at your own risk.

1 comment:

parated2k said...

Thanks for the pimpin' Celt! I give it 8 toes!! (I'd give it 10, but you are neither related to me, or related to someone who's related to me... and we all know it's all relative anyway).


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