Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wikiupload is Free File Hosting Service

Wikiupload is a new free file storage service for videos, mp3s and images. You may also tag and bookmark your files so that you may easily share them with friends. Wikiupload will produce RSS feeds of your files based on tags or other parameters so that you may syndicate your feeds or republish the content to your website.

With the free Wikiupload membership, you will have five gigabytes of storage. For $5 per month, you may double your storage space. For $10 per month, you will have 20 gigabytes! Files that are downloaded at least one time per month will be stored forever. is better than their competitors because those other services do not offer tagging, bookmarking and RSS feeds. Discover Free File Hosting at Wiki Upload today. This post sponsored by


Anonymous said...

I checked it out; it looks like a great service. Thanks for the tip. Happy Click and comment Monday, and happy MLK Jr Day!

Zan said...

Good to know about this service! Thanks!


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