Friday, February 9, 2007

Cover Your Overages With PINGO

The bill for our family cell phone service last month was $350! My son used up all our family plan minutes, and went over on text messages, too. I found a new service that may be used to augment or replace cell phone minutes on your plan. AND, you may use this service without taking on the liability of overuse or legality of contracts.

With mobile international calling cards, Pingo may routinely save you as much as 90 percent on international calls using your mobile phone, no matter which carrier you use. Sign up today and receive $5, that is 4 hours of International mobile calling.

My friend uses mobile Jamaica calling cards to talk to her finance who went back to Jamaica to visit his parents before they are married. She says she saves big time! She is saving for that dream wedding and honeymoon, so I believe her!

When my son turns 18, his calling plan contract is up, I am going to have his cell phone disconnected and will issue him mobile international calling cards for his use while in college. Never again will I be trapped by a contract.

Visit Pingo, sponsor of this post, and get $5.00 USD in FREE calls just for signing up!

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Natali Svetlova said...

I very much frequently travel. For the international calls I use prepaid phone cards from I call from payphones or from hotels on free service number and enter telephone card PIN. I for the first time hear about cards for the mobile telephone. Bells with them such - cheap?
Excuse for bad English :(


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