Thursday, May 24, 2007

Auction Your Thoughts on eBay

This is a real eBay ad. Today, May 24, 2007, you may view the ad on eBay.

Below is the ad copy:
ThoughtVertising - A Global Advertising First

For the first time in advertising history, brand owners are offered the opportunity to buy meda space within someone's mind.

"How?" I will think of your brand every hour,on the hour for a period of a week

"Ridiculous!" How do I know you're really going to do it?"

1. I am an industry professional with 10 years of experience with Cunning Communications, at the forefront of advertising innovation. As a result,I maintain an honest approach to business.Business, as in life, ultimately relies on trust and I believe I have earned that trust.

2. I'm genuinely interested to know what will happen as a result of such a regimented exposure to a brand idea.It's a kind of meditation based on a brand and its values.I think this experiment may help me to gain further insights into brands, brand communication and the workings of their personalities

3. I will if requested,undergo a lie-detector test to validate my claim


The media coverage of this unique advertising event is expected to be worth more than the initial investment.

"You Would Say That!"

True.However, I'm basing the above statement on 10 years of experience developing brand stories the media like to pick up on,including the highly successful 'VoiceVertising" project (see case study below). Based on my experiences,I feel confident ThoughtVertising will generate media and public interest worth more than the bid price.

Case Study
In 2005 I created the concept of 'VoiceVertising' - literally selling my voice on eBay

For every hour of the day for a week I promised to shout the brand name of the winning bidder.
I created the idea as a joke to lampoon unusual body media buying stunts such as Forehead ads,tattoo ads,pregnant belly ads and even backside ads.

After one day on eBay Cadbury Adams won the bid for their brand Halls Fruit Breezers

With the help of PR firm La Force Stevens, the spectacle of of a daft English bloke shouting "Halls Fruit Breezers" all over NYC was broadcast to 115 Million potential customers via the Fox News Channel, Chicago Sun Times, and many, many other national and international news outlets (audit available on request)

The overall media coverage was worth considerably more than the cost of the project.

Of course, there are no guarantees in PR but I believe a smart, progressive marketer will see the potential of the ThoughtVertising concept

OK I get it! What's the next step?"

Bid to sponsor ThoughtVertising

Successful bidder to provide me with the brand message, logo or product.
Every hour on the hour for an entire week I think about your brand regardless of the social situation or circumstance.
The project is recorded and released to the media - a story that is sure to get people talking and thinking about your brand

ThoughtVertising includes:

* Full sponsorship of my brainwaves for a week
* 1 x day media work (photo calls and interviews)
* Experience Report
* A place in advertising history

Does anyone know this guy? Do you think someone would pay me for this? I am psychic!



Tim Siedell said...

I'm going to send this guy a million thoughtdollars for the effort. And...done.

Karen said...

I think people have way too much time on their hands. I skimmed the information so maybe I missed something.

CyberCelt said...

@tim-Great idea! Now send him a bill! LOL

@karen-No, you did not miss anything. The guy wants you to pay him for thinking about your company.


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