Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Works in Advertising Slogans

Nick Padmore at A List Apart analyzed the greatest advertising slogans to determine why they worked.

What works:
  • five words
  • no brand names
  • declarative
  • grammatically complete
  • standard language
  • alliteration, metaphor or rhyme

I have heard of using only five words in a headline; that is all that fits on a blog title. Why would you not put the brand in the headline? A declarative phrase works, you are stating a fact. Hard to be grammatically complete in five words, but I guess it can be done. Standard language, versus haikus? Alliteration, metaphor or rhyme in five words would be difficult at times.

What do you think?


Susan said...

I agree with all of that except the alliteration and rhyming part. It's just too kitschy. Isn't it?

CyberCelt said...

@susan-Thanks for stopping by. I find that alliteration just happens sometimes. When it does, I leave it.

rowery said...

"What Works in Advertising Slogans" - Good article. Congrats.

Gavin said...

I had a look at the Article by Nick Padmore and found it interesting. I wonder if he used James Brausch's tool Glyphius tool to work out how the ads performed.

keep keeping connected ( feeble attempt at alliteration!)



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