Thursday, May 24, 2007

Innovative Tutoring for Your Child

When my son was younger, he had a learning difference. He struggled with many evaluations, diagnoses and early intervention programs. Nothing worked until I found an innovative tutor like SCORE! Educational Centers.

After speaking with Mac and me, viewing the diagnostic test results from over the years, and completing their own evaluation, the center designed a program just for Mac. His confidence grew as he learned test-taking strategies and developed a framework by which he could solve complex problems. Several years later, he returned to the program to refresh his test-taking strategies and to learn time-management and study skills he would need to succeed in high school. It worked! He graduated in the top 25 percent of his class and a year early. He will be attending college this fall!

SCORE! Educational Centers will talk with your child's teachers and counselors, you and your child, and develop a program that will help your child meet the goals you set together. If your child needs help in math, reading or writing skills, SCORE! provides a healthy and challenging learning environment in which he or she can develop the skills to succeed in today's advanced educational system.

SCORE! has summer programs. The SCORE! MORE program with unlimited sessions, will help your child catch up in math, reading, language arts and science. SCORE! 30, a less intensive program, provides 30 one-hour sessions over the summer in math, reading, language arts and science.

The SCORE! Writing Camp will teach your child a five-step writing process that will make your child a better writer. The SCORE! Study Skills Camp is a great way for your child to develop study habits that will last a lifetime.

Visit SCORE! Educational Centers, the sponsor of this post, to find the program that is perfect for your child.

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