Friday, May 18, 2007

Dental Insurance and the Game of Soccer

When I went to work for myself, I had to give up health and dental insurance. I tried to find private pay insurance, but it was too expensive and there were too few doctors and dentists as part of the programs.

When I was married, my husband's insurance covered me and my son for health insurance. I have just had to pay for visits to the dentist for myself and my son. Last year, I needed to have several fillings redone because they were old and leaking. This cost me $5000. I had to take out a loan! Next I took my son and he needed just a little work, so the bill was under $1000.

This year he decided to play soccer at school again. We were not two weeks into the season when another player clipped my son's mouth with a foot or shoulder, chipping both of his front teeth. As I was trying to figure out how to pay for this, my son told me that he had bitten into an apple and one of his fillings had come out. Off to the dentist we went. Two caps, one root canal, one filling and $1400 later, I stumbled out of the dentist's office in shock.

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Keep yourself from losing financial ground and teeth.

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