Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mind Mapping .... What?

Graphic organizers, also called mind mapping techniques, help us arrange our thoughts so that we do not lose important ideas. We do not think in a linear fashion, so mind mapping allows us to follow our brainstorming or planning.
  • Mind maps help you to memorize information easily
  • Mind maps make things visible and clearer
  • Mind maps reveal what is behind the information
  • Mind maps are one of the best ways to organize your tasks and to-do lists
If you want to learn mind mapping without cost and without downloading and installing desktop mind mapping software, Mindomo is the ideal solution for you. The demonstration version will not let you save a map, but you can load public maps and you can test the complete functionality of Mindomo without signing up. If you would like to store your maps, please sign up for a free account.

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Omar said...

We just developed a collaborative web-based mind mapping tool called comapping. Its worth checking it out.

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