Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on Marketing with Entrecard

Entrecard is an innovative, viral and engaging method of marketing. Like many marketing strategies, for example, the do-follow movement, it quickly morphed into a monster.

Power Dropping

What started as a new process to discover new blogs and to attract visitors to your blog quickly became power dropping--dropping as many Entrecards as fast as you can. To accomplish this, you turn off image loading in your browser; use the Linky extension to open up to 99 tabs, and click, click, click.

Why Power Drop?

I used several of these power-dropping sites when I first joined Entrecard. The more Entrecards you drop, the quicker you raise the value of your blog. High value blogs are listed first in their categories, are highlighted on the Entrecard Favorite’s page and command more credits for displaying advertisements.

Consequences of Power Dropping

If you quit browsing blogs and start power dropping, you take all the fun out of blogging.

First, the high value blogs require so many credits to display advertising that you either have to power drop or buy credits. Next, you quit leaving comments because you cannot see the visual captcha without image loading. Thirdly, you quit reading because it takes too much time. Lastly, you only visit fast-loading blogs, which are virtually splash pages with no information. Click, click, click.

Meanwhile, you notice that your blog is not receiving many comments, your bounce rate (visitors/page views) has significantly increased and you are spending so much time power dropping and managing your Entrecard advertising that you are neglecting your blog.

What To Do

Tomorrow I will share another method of dropping, the consequences, and move toward outlining one solution to the problem.


Mike Riley said...

I agree completely with your feelings on power dropping.For the larger blogs, I understand why they use it. But for the average, non-money-making blog, what's the point? I've become a happy reciprocal dropper [with an occasional visit to a power drop site to mix things up a bit].
I've written a few posts on EntreCard on my blog Hope you can stop by some time and read them...

Stine said...

Thanks for commenting on my 10K! For stats, I use Sitemeter, that gives me a clue as to where my visitors come from geographically. I was lucky enough that my #10K was an Entrecarder, so I could use my Entrecard inbox (and peoples' about pages) to pinpoint "the one". A bit of detective work, basically...
You have a fine blog here!

Jude said...

Thank-you very much for the information about Entrecard I am trying to figure this whole thing out and you made a few things more clear for me about power dropping.

I still have a problem with the cards in my drop box so I guess I need to read more about that. I end up clicking the same ones lots of times.

Allyn said...

I use ecard and my price has stayed low the entire time.
I use the system the right way.
I click around and discover new blogs and those are the only ones I actually drop cards on. Because of this, it is only 15 credits to put anad on my blog.
I can't stand the power dropping.

erp said...

power drop? im a beginner blogger, and this really a new thing for me. thank you for the link

CyberCelt said...

@mike-Thanks for stopping by. I will follow you back to your blog.

@stine-Hey! Thanks for visiting.

@jude-It is a maze. I hope you find some of this information helpful.

@allyn-Thanks for visiting!

CyberCelt said...

@erp-If you need some more information, check out the forum on the site.


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