Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blog Marketing with Entrecard

CoolAdzine for Marketers blog 125x125 pixel ad
The Entrecard blog marketing system is free and is easy to use. First, you join Entrecard and upload a 125x125-pixel ad, like the one pictured to the left, that is attractive and relevant to your blog content.

Next, you place a piece of code on your blog that enables your blog to display Entrecard advertisements, pictured to the left. It is best if you place this code "above the fold" on your blog so that bloggers may easily drop their Entrecard without scrolling.

Start Dropping

Now, you are ready to start "dropping" your card on other Entrecard blogs, for which you earn one EC credit. Other Entrecard bloggers will drop their cards on your blog, for which you also earn one EC credit.

Earn Entrecard Credits

You may drop a maximum of 300 Entrecards per 24-hour period. Therefore, if you drop 300 Entrecards and 300 bloggers drop their Entrecard on your blog each day, you will earn at least 600 worth of credits each day.

Display Your Entrecard

You will use these credits to display your Entrecard on other blogs. Displaying your Entrecard ad on a new blog usually costs about two credits and your campaign will begin within a day or two. However, popular blogs may cost up to 700 credits per day AND have a 12-day waiting list.

Selecting Advertising Display Space

Blogs offering display ad space, arranged by category and ranked by popularity, are displayed on your dashboard after you login to Entrecard. If you have enough credits to pay for available advertising on a blog of your choice, submit your advertisement.

Approval of Display Ads

A majority of the Entrecard bloggers approve advertisements within 24 hours or less. Some may never approve your ad. You have the option to cancel your advertisement if it is not approved in a timely fashion.

While your blog is new (and cheaply priced), you will find that your ad queue fills up quickly. It is up to you whether you want to approve these ads. Make sure you visit the blog and drop a card before you approve or decline the ad.

Strategies and Trends for Entrecard

So far, so good? Tomorrow I will share several Entrecard dropping strategies; some observable trends caused by those strategies and put forth an alternative or two to mindless card dropping.


erp said...

i guess this another quick ways to earn money. thank you for the tips. very useful.

CyberCelt said...

@erp-Thanks for stopping by.


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