Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Generational Subdivisions

In my blog post on Saturday, I uncovered another generational name.

~ digital natives ~

So, we add the term digital natives to our preexisting generational terms.

Digital Natives = People Under 30
- Totally Wired Generation = people 14-29 years old
- Generation Next = people 16-25 years old
- Millennials = people 13-24 years old, also called Generation Y and Echo Boomers

Generation X = people 25-41 years old

Boomers = People 42-60 years old
- Generation Jones, born 1954 to 1965 (42-54 years old)
- Baby Boomers were born 1942 to 1953; (55-65 years old)

Matures = People 61-75 years old

we all totally confused as to the differences between the generational groups? I come from the Baby Boomer generation, the most misunderstood generation of all.


Ruby said...

I am technically a Gen X-er, but I don't think I've ever felt I really fit into that category. Then again, I don't think I fit with the Boomers - nor would a good number of my slightly older friends....

Oddly enough, I think my husband does a great job of straddling both groups. And he relates to the even younger groups too!

I guess I'm misunderstood like you - and maybe lacking understanding as well ;)

Thanks for sorting out some of these new labels. I seriously can't keep up with them anymore....

Ruby in Montreal

CyberCelt said...

@ruby-I am glad you enjoyed the post. I have a good time poking fun at labels.

erp said...

i am generation next.. haha, nice classification. i'll spread this to my friends.


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