Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Entrecard: Marketing or Neurosis?

Symptoms of Entrecard Neurosis

Have you found yourself gritting your teeth, opening 99 blogs at a time and hoping that your browser does not freeze because someone decided they need to add a popup advertisement or malicious coding to their blog?

Eventually, you will wonder why you ever joined Entrecard. Next, you will wonder why you added more than one blog to Entrecard. Finally, you decide that paying $ per 1000 credits is much better than dropping for them. Then what?

Stop, Drop and Comment

I use what I call the Stop, Drop and Comment strategy. It is a combination of chain surfing, reciprocal dropping and do follow. Just login to your Entrecard account to conduct your advertising business. As you visit blogs to see if you wish to display their advertisement or if you want them to display your ad, drop a card.

If you like the blog, leave a comment. If you have good response when advertising, favorite them. If you like them, click through on their widget to see what type of blog they display. If you find a great blog by clicking through on their Entrecard widget, let that blog know how you found them.

Soon, you will find that your inbox is full of the blogs you like and that they want to advertise on your blog. You will build a community of bloggers who read your blog, comment and advertise. You will have more time to write blog posts and to visit other bloggers.

Also, if you are not dropping 300 card per blog per day, you will find that your blog value is lowered to where a majority of the bloggers can afford to advertise on it.

Less Stress,
Less Spam,
Less Adware.

More Quality Comments,
More Time for Your Business,
More Advertisers for your Blog.


Lady Rose said...

positively brilliant! and the most sensible advice I've read on using Entrecard :)

Callie Ann said...

HI Girl,
You stopped by my blog yesterday and mentioned I should go read an article on Hot Flashes... Thank you so much

Scrappin with life.....

Sarah said...

That is a great little entrecard strategy. Blog commenting in general can lead to some great reciprocal traffic amongst the blog community. If I like your site and leave a witty comment you may link to mine or visitors may click my name to see my site. It is reciprocal when you visit my site and leave a comment. The other bonus is the knowledge you attain from blog surfing can really be incredible. Thanks for the post

Michael Aulia said...

I totally agree with the post, except for the last part :D

I still find that no matter how expensive the cost to advertise on your blog is, there are still people want to advertise on it :)

More expensive means more people are dropping to you == more exposure!

Mirjam said...

I could not agree more. I have gone through many "strategies", opening 20 blogs at the same time to just drop, (99 seems too much to handle :D), used sitehoppin, used powerdropping, used firefox addons to make the dropping speed up, and got my blog upto 350 to advertise on.

But in the end, the blogs in my inbox really weren´t blogs I particularly enjoyed, nor would visit if it weren´t for entrecard, thereby adding no value at all to my own experience.

So, I have gone back to a more sincere way of dropping, visiting blogs I actually like, participating on them, and yes, the advertisement rate has considerately dropped but I am okay with that.

I feel that my "return" now is a lot higher, eventhough I am getting less drops, since the people that do come to my blog actually seem to be participating more, which is what ultimately is what everybody wants to achieve with advertisement campaigns.

Again, great post and a wonderful initiative between all the post on how to drop more and faster! Refreshing ;)

Lightening said...

You've shared some great thoughts there. I hadn't thought about not dropping on those that don't interest me but I DO try to comment on posts that do.

I'm also not a big one for pushing the 300 limit a day. If I can reciprocate the drops from my inbox (so around 100) each day I'm happy and it puts my blog somewhere in the middle. I'm still an active enough dropper that people get reasonable value from advertising on my widget (I think).

My biggest challenge is I have 2 blogs to drop for.

Suzie Cheel said...

Great post and good suggestions. i have been thinkng of focussing more on my niches/area

Bob O said...

Amen! You stated the common sense! Afterall, that is what I thought Entrecard was all about to begin with! This is exactly what I do. My ad rate stays between 50 - 70 and I always have lots of bloggers in my inbox to choose from. The only problem is..a lot of them don't reciprocate the comment luv! Anyway..just wanted to stop in..saw you on EntreCard Favorites..congratulations by the way..and let you know this is an excellent post!

Nina said...

Great post and very informative article. Thank you for the information. Very interesting.

3POINT8 said...

Hehey, i came here through entrefavs..
Good write. So, i followed your advice. I Stop by, I Drop, and I comment.

CyberCelt said...

@lady rose-Thanks again.

@callie ann-Thanks for stopping by. I hate those flashes and they last for decades.

@sarah-I am a do follow blogger. The links commenters leave are not hampered by "no follow" tags. I just do not advertise it any longer.

@michael-Good point. I just have too many blogs to be a power dropper, so I will be a comment dropper instead.

@mirjam-Wow! Thanks. I miss connecting with people, so I had to slow the action down.

@lightening-I have four! LOL

@suzie-I appreciate you stopping by.

@bob-Thank you so much. I appreciate the thoughtful comment.

@nina-Thank you for stopping by.

@3point8-And, I thank you and will follow you back to your blog.

Adam Kirby said...

I would say it's Marketing Neurosis :)

I do like the recent updates to entrecard, and they responded quickly when I lost 1,000 credits from a glitch, so I am definitely neurotic.

Jude said...

I agree with all the comments above and I have tried many different ways of dropping. I still haven't found what is right for me yet, but I do find I am leaving more comments than ever before of course not on blogs that I don't even know what they are talking about so maybe I should cultivate blogs that I actually can understand and have a real interest in.Thanks for the post...Jude

Grant said...

Personally what I do is quickdrop about 150 sites a day. Then I go to my drop inbox and visit between 10-50 sites that have dropped on my. For these sites I actually make an effort to read and comment.

I think people overlook entrecard sometimes because they think it is all worthless traffic. But if you comment frequently as you drop, you will gain readers.

Matt said...

Its a great point you raise, I've made similar points over at the forums on BlogCatalog. BTW, how do you pay for Entrecard credits, and how do I sell them?

Susie said...

This was so perfectly put! When I first started entrecard, I actually bought 1000 ec's off ebay for a few bucks! I loved it gave me a jump on advertising.

There are many great blogs to stumble across out there, I can no longer spend that many hours though dropping cards.

I enjoy commenting on the blogs that I have a fit with, and learning as I go!

Great piece, simple but true!
I stumbled this post!


Great strategy!

Thanks for taking the time to explain your Etrecard moves. They will help me too. My right mouse click finger is tired! :-)

Shelly M.
The Mom With Brownies

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