Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top Ten Resources to Understand Web Analytics

This is a timely bit of information on web analytics. I plan to read and take notes and hopefully, learn something that has escaped me from the past several years. In 2000, I attended a web conference in Austin and talked with a man who was the seo guru for Yahoo! Through talking with him, I learned what to do, like use metatags; and what not to do, like use hidden text for keywords.

I have always used analytics packages, sometimes as many as three on each website, just to see what I can find out. I know the basics, my visitors, if they are unique or return visitors, who refers them to my site, in what part of the world they live, demographics, screen resolution, operating system, what pages they visited and how long they were on the site.

My favorite thing to do is to backtrack a person who leaves a really nasty comment on my site under an anonymous name and leave them a g-rated, but scathing reply on their blog about flaming and anonymity.

I take my thrills where I can find them. . . LOL

Tip of the Hat to: Mind Comet


Art Wilbur said...

Hi there!

I'm so happy to see that you enjoyed the list. I actually put it together myself over at MindComet!

Analytics has been a huge focus for myself over the past several months, and I cannot thank the authors of the resources that I listed enough. Especially Avinash Kaushik! What a fantastic guy he is, I've learned so much from him!

Oh and don't forget to share it with your friends... oh wait, looks like you already have, right? :)


CyberCelt said...

@art-Thanks for stopping by. It is a wonderful list and I will be reading it for sure.

ciccio said...

good list

Shanavas said...

Avinash Kaushik is the name heared when talked about web analytics

Lbug said...

Unfortunately my site consistently gets so few visitors that no amount of sifting through analytics will redeem it.

CyberCelt said...


@Shanavas-Share something about him.

@Lbug-Honestly, looking at your blog, I would say it was set up to generate money through Google Adsense and nothing else.


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