Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Social Media How-To

Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing shared some best practices for leveraging social media in this article on MediaPostRaw.

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Steve said...

Good ink to Lee's short article. Although he didn't say anything earth-shatteringly new, a short bullet pointed list like this is a great re-focusing tool.

Thanks for digging this one out,


CyberCelt said...

@steve-thanks for stopping by. He left some things out and I was going to add them, but I got sidetracked. LOL

Mark said...

I appreciate his point about not drowning your site in social media icons. I think it's annoying. Have you had better luck with any social media site in particular?

CyberCelt said...

@mark-I have some success with technorati and it was one of the first. I really like the Socializer, but not many have clicked on it. It allows you to link to any of the social bookmarking services.


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