Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dreamweaver CS3 from Adobe

I have been looking for a new web design software package. I have been using FrontPage for over 5 years because it is easy, but the software is limited by FrontPage server side extensions. They are sometimes turned off by the hosting company when they are backing up or restoring their server operations. When that happens, my web pages terrible.

While browsing the website of for PC Software, I noticed Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Evidently, Adobe purchased Dreamweaver from Macromedia. I like all the Adobe products, like Adobe Acrobat CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe PhotoShop CS3. All the Adobe products have a very similar interface, so if you know how to use one application, you can use another Adobe application. The Adobe applications are easily integrated into one project.

Dreamweaver CS3 offers the choice of working in an intuitive visual layout interface or in a streamlined coding environment. I like this functionality, because sometimes you have to get into the code to fix something you cannot correct in the visual layout. Of course, Dreamweaver can be used in tandem with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Fireworks CS3, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, and Adobe Contribute CS3. Dreamweaver CS3 is available for both PC and Mac computers.

Adobe Macromedia CS3 will create CSS-based web pages with the CSS panel, layout visualization, the Style Rendering toolbar, Browser Compatibility Check, and prebuilt CSS layouts. I like this idea. I do not have much experience with CSS, but I would love to learn, as long as my learning curve does not go downhill! This software works with Ajax, PHP, and Adobe ColdFusion, and allows you to incorporate Adobe Flash Video and XML into websites easily.

All these features and the price is only $392 at, sponsor of this post.


Dave said...

Adobe is my life. Or so it seems. I use Acrobat and Dreamweaver on a daily basis. I need to learn photoshop better as well. But seriously the Adobe products are well done and relatively simple to learn.

Cade said...

I have to say that I love Dreamweaver over Front Page. It is so much easier to operate over Front Page. A lot more features that has made it easier for me to market my site. I think design has to be pretty easy for me or else I will get bored quickly. What do you think so far?

Photoshop CS2 said...

Great post, thanks. A friend of mine used Adobe CS3 and was not happy about it, it seems to swallow up even more RAM and no much new.

CyberCelt said...

@dave-I am so cheap, I just shudder at the thought of paying almost $400 for a software package. I am trying to decide what software to use when I put my blogs on my domains, too.

@cade-I like your site. You did the blog with Dreamweaver? I am stuck in a rut with FrontPage.

@Liza-thanks for visiting. I liked your blog. What do you use?


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