Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Top 10 Buzz Words from Search Insider Summit

MediaPost Publications - What Had Us Buzzing At The Search Insider Summit? - 05/16/2007

From the report:

1. Transparency. The theme of transparency bubbled up to the surface at the outset of the Summit, when Jeremy Crane of Compete used it as a call-to-arms of sorts to his search marketing brethren.

2. User-centricity. User-centricity was also a recurring theme in the SEM Review Live, as Gord Hotchkiss (Enquiro) and Patrick Garret (Outrider) emphasized the need for marketers to create more user-focused web properties.

3. Content. Major brands are starting to realize the power of their content to do the work that had been primarily reserved for the Web site: attract and retain visitors and customers.

4. Analytics. We're definitely getting smarter about this here search thing. But we're still looking for new ways to better measure the impact of search on other channels -- and vice versa.

5. Community, Connection (tie). See my blog post and Gord's last Search Insider column for the scoop here.

6. Integration. Seems like integration has now become a prerequisite for search marketing.

7. Discovery, Personalization (tie). Discovery -- The next wave of search innovation is going to be focused on the one-to-one relationship between the user and the engine.

8. Social, Mobile, Video (tie). Emerging platforms are very much top-of-mind for marketers looking for ways to harness the power of search in different environments.

9. Funnel. The role search plays in guiding consumers through the purchase funnel, from awareness to consideration to engagement to action to re-engagement to retention.

10. Intent. A search engine's ability to map intent to content is what sets it apart from all other platforms.

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