Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine

Stephen Wolfram talks of his new search engine on Wolfram Blog : Wolfram|Alpha Is Coming! Forget the semantic web, tagged content, and human-guided search engine results. Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that submits real world data, in all disciplines and fields, to proprietary algorithms and processes that makes the data immediately computable.

Users will be able to explore knowledge, data and their relationships. The answers may be presented as questions, diagrams, graphs or links to other related questions and sources. No longer will you be faced with search engine results that contain the terms in your query or that might answer your question. The work will be done and answer(s) given by the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine.

In May of 2009, when Wolfram Alpha goes live, you will be able to ask a question in natural language. The search engine will compute an answer for you. If there is more than one answer, the alternatives will be computed as well.

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Anonymous said...

wow... you blogging since 2004,, its amazing...

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kiss said...

yeah...idem like rude.. big applause to you ^_^

mr.khasiat said...

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CyberCelt said...

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