Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hulu Moving Up on YouTube

Hulu's first attempt to market itself to the general public was highly successful. Their Super Bowl ad (below) fueled a 33 percent surge in traffic in February.

Hulu Now No. 2 Online-Video Site, Behind YouTube
With 309 million video views, shot Hulu ahead of Yahoo and MySpace. Unique viewers were also up 31% to 9.5 million . . .
NBC Universal and News Corp. used their TV content to launch Hulu. Now, Hulu has 130+ deals with other networks and studios.

Hulu added a social networking component, Hulu Friends, which allows users to see what their friends are watching, and make recommendations.

It is good to see something positive in the world of advertising for a change. With this auspicious beginning, Hulu may pass YouTube.


rigolo said...

excellent article, thank you

Lbug said...

That's some going, if it's not available outside the US though that's going to seriously limit their growth.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are actually showing up as no-follow.

CyberCelt said...

@rigolo-Thanks for stopping by.

@lbug-I am not sure about it being limited to the USA. With the Internet, that is hard to do.

@anonymous-The do follow if on the post pages, not this page. If you want to read up, try this article I wrote in 2007:
Do Follow and New Blogger


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