Thursday, March 19, 2009

Laptot Is Big Hit With Husband

Acer Laptot

My husband Michael had a laptop but our son's Pit Bull stepped on it and broke the wireless connection and keyboard. Michael used a dial-up Internet connection for over a year. For Valentine's Day, I purchased him a netbook--or laptot as I call it. I thought he had suffered enough for leaving the laptop out where the dog could step on it. LOL!

I was not sure if Michael would like the small screen and keyboard, but it was all we could really afford. Not to worry. He loves it! I see him with the laptot on his chest, watching old movies he found on the Internet and he always gives me a big smile.

If you have been curious about these small, inexpensive laptots, go to a store and try one. I think you will be amazed. The keyboard is a little small, but you get used to it or hook up a full sized keyboard. The picture on the small screen is crystal clear.

We went to BestBuy tonight so I could get a cell phone and we saw a man standing in front of the display of netbooks. Michael stopped to tell him about the netbook. I just stood back and smiled.


Anonymous said...

You wrote "laptot" instead of "laptop" twice in your post!

CyberCelt said...

anonymous-did you read this part of the post: "or laptot as I call it"

James said...

You've got to love that dinky little laptop! Aww, innit cute? :o)

Seriously though - you can do pretty much anything with these netbooks - as long as you don't need a built-in DVD writer that is!


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