Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tax Time

I hate doing taxes. I have downloaded my history from PayPal, grabbed my 1099-MISCs and started organizing information, but my heart is just not into it. I sit here, thinking of anything but calling up the tax program and inputting my data.

I even thought about applying for an extension, but that will just put off the inevitable. Also, it costs money to file an extension. If you owe money, they will charge interest on the amount from April 15.
FileLater Online Income Tax Extensions

Maybe I should just NOT file a return? Then I can play stupid when I am asked why I did not. "Oh, I thought after you turned 55 you did not have to file taxes" or "I thought we did away with taxes" or "I have to pay self-employment taxes?" This worked so well for some of President Obama's appointees. How can you NOT know to file taxes?

I think that if we file a tax return, unlike many politicos, we should get a bonus. Not a AIG bonus, but maybe $100 bonus? What do you think?

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Sulumits Retsambew said...

hahaha, everybody hates to pay tax, absolutely :)


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