Tuesday, May 8, 2007

YaMSN! MSNhoo! YaMShoNo? YaMSHoon?

After failed discussions a year ago, it appears the Microsoft and Yahoo! are back to discussing a merger of sorts. Microsoft has offered US$50 billion to acquire Yahoo!

The stock market is responding already to the hint of a merger, with Bloomberg reporting an 18 percent increase in share price of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly Overture, published sponsored listings on MSN for several years, until MSN started their own in-house advertising platform.

Yahoo! and MSN are responsible for approximately 40 percent of all searches, while Google has almost 50 percent of the search market.

The name combinations are a little strange: YaMSN! MSNhoo! YaMShoNo? YaMShooN? You try it. Yahoo and MSN. What does that spell?


Lowell C. said...

That is funny. I wonder if they will keep both if they really will try to merge the two of them.

CyberCelt said...

@lowell-They will probably come up with another name that means nothing. Thanks for stopping by.

Mark said...

$50 Billion...guess that gives us all a goal to shoot for right? I think I'd settle for some small portion of that. Maybe $5 Billion. That should be enough to scrape by.

CyberCelt said...

@mark-I keep waiting to win the lottery and it is still counted in the millions. LOL

Anonymous said...

i think the name of msn.com + yahoo.com = msnhoo.com
the name is good,because its easy to Be remembered .meaning also good.
Do you think so?

CyberCelt said...

@anonymous-MSNhoo is cool. I do not know if they will merge their names, but I thought it was fun to play with. Your signature does not link to your blog or profile page. Leave a link next time and I'll visit your blog.

Kashif Awan said...

These search engines also provide us
latest Technology News around the world.
And also helpful in business of many people on the internet !

James said...

Yahoo and msn are great search engine after the google...It may but don't think so


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