Thursday, June 7, 2007

IAB: What Do We Do With UGC?

What to do with user generated content (UGC) was the topic at the Interactive Advertising Bureau User-Generated Content Conference held on June 5 in New York City. While ad agencies are both excited and daunted by the possibilities of UGC.

Advertising Age - Digital - Video Report: The Role of User-Generated Content in Advertising

Cheryl Guerin, VP-promotions and interactives, MasterCard International:
Recently, MasterCard ran a fairly structured, fill-in-the-blank consumer-created "Priceless" campaign. And even within the structure of the program "we were hard-pressed to find a lot of good ads," she said.
I guess I can understand this. There is a lot of dreck on YouTube. There is also a lot of dreck released as advertising campaigns on TV. I believe that, if UGC is refined by technology and edited by professional videographers, you might be amazed at what develops.

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