Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It is more like, 'O ia mau no (same as usual)

Mahalo, a search engine from Jason Calacanis, uses human guides to create search engine results pages for the top 10,000 search terms and hot topics like new movies, current events, and, but of course, Jason Calacanis. Maybe Mahalo can find the real Jason Calacanis and the human guides can get him to stand up. LOL

MediaPost Publications - Aloha, Mahalo: I'm Betting On the Algorithm - 06/05/2007
. . . where's Calacanis coming from? Here's what he had to say to Allen Stern, of the CenterNetworks blog, who raised doubts about Mahalo's viability: "My point about SEO is that it is gaming system and done by weak people who have sites that shouldn't rank high. We are not trying to SEO--we are trying to help people avoid bad sites and find good ones." Stern happened to point out that Mahalo will ultimately gain visibility by creating optimized pages of links, adding, "It is interesting to me that after all of Jason's talk about SEO being dead, he launches the master SEO play."
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