Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Woman in White or Henchman from Hell?

What type of spooky story do you like? Do you like the tales of the spirits of the dead that continue to wander this world, destined never to reach home? Then you will like this tale of the Lady of White Rock Lake.

One hot July night, a young couple parked on the shore of White Rock Lake. When they turned on their headlights to leave, they saw a figure in white approaching their car. As the Woman in White walked slowly to the driver's window, they saw that she was dressed in a sheer white dress, dripping wet. The woman spoke in a soft, faltering voice.
I'm sorry to intrude, and I would not under any other circumstances, but I must find a way home immediately. I was in a boat that overturned. The others are safe. But I must get home.
The Woman in White climbed into the rumble seat, saying that she did not wish to get the couple wet, and gave them an address in Oak Cliff. The young couple felt an uneasiness concerning their passenger, but felt they should take her home. As they neared the Oak Cliff area, the young woman turned to the Lady in White in the rumble seat to ask directions. The rumble seat was empty. Nothing but a puddle of lake water remained.

After a search for the Woman in White, the couple went to the address she had given. Feeling foolish, they nevertheless knocked on the door. The door was opened by a man. When the man heard the story, he spoke in a troubled voice:
This is a very strange thing. You are the third couple who has come to me with this story. Three weeks ago, while sailing on White Rock Lake, my daughter was drowned.

What type of spooky story do you like? Perhaps you like the malevolent, Stephen King type of ghost with a knife in its hand? Well, you are going to love the ghosts that appear in 1408 Movie!

In the 1408 Movie, a man who has lost a child goes looking for places that ghosts are know to haunt. He has absolutely no luck finding a haunted space and is quite skeptical when he hears about The Dolphin Hotel. Apparently, there is one room, Room 1408, that is said to be haunted. In less than 100 years, 56 people have died in Room 1408. Some have died by their own hand, some through the actions of another. He is warned not to stay in the room--no one has ever lasted an hour in Room 1408--but he sees it as a challenge. He wants to have a paranormal experience.

After exactly one hour, the Henchmen from Hell arrive. While the skeptic watches, he sees several of the 56 people who died in Room 1406 appear. Then they die again and again. Some of the ghosts want to kill him, again and again. The Room 1408 wants him dead. When his daughter appears, he is horrified. . .

So, what type of ghost do you like: Woman in White or Henchman from Hell?

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