Friday, June 8, 2007

Network Marketing and Friends

Do you have friends that sign you up for something like a "free" trip to see Branson real estate? I really hate it when I get a call and they say, "Jackie said you would be interested in this and we would like to extend you an offer..." AUGHHHH!

Jackie was also the one that tried to get me into prepaid legal. I told her I do not join anything that makes me pay upfront and recruit people. Been there, done that. I did not like it. Network marketing it is called. Bothering your friends and family is what I call it.

I have asked Jackie not to sign me up for these things, but she get so wrapped up in a program that she will do anything they ask.

The place in Branson is called StoneBridge Village and it sounds nice:
Imagine a life where every day seems to be a vacation with a breathtaking backdrop of lush, wooded hills, lakes, a championship golf course, panoramic sunrises, and astonishing sunsets.
I am half tempted to visit StoneBridge, sponsor of this post, dragging our 20+ year-old travel trailer, Beauty, behind our 20 year old van, The Beast. Jackie would probably get taken off all the network marketing lists. I know I would. LOL

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