Friday, June 8, 2007

Fructis Advertising is Cool

You have got to see this Fructis dandruff minisite. This is what I call interactivity! Move the mans hands around, scratch his head, look at the postcard on the mirror, open the cabinet, play the radio or handle the blow dryer. I have no idea what the bubble windows say because the language is French, I think, but it is a cool site.

Thanks to Adverblog for sharing.


Drupal Design said...

Very interesting but I can't figure out how to play the game. It seems the French is saying you get a team of 4 to try to eliminate as much dandruff as you can and you could win a trip to Egypt, of all places, not sure if that's ACTUAL dandruff, or the virtual game dandruff, and how to keep score!!?

CyberCelt said...

@drupal design-I just thought it was fun to move his arms around and explore the scene. I guess I am easily amused. LOL


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