Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Payu2blog : Make money blogging

There are many different ways to Make Money Blogging, and Payu2blog is a program that can provide you a steady income. Payu2blog lets you set the topics and number of paid posts you wish to complete in one month. You may pick blackout dates for vacations or other busy times in your life. You receive payment to your PayPal account every two weeks for completed assignments, which pay $5 each. The posts must be 60 words long and contain one link. You do not have to endorse the advertiser, just provide a post relating to the subject matter and insert the link. You must complete all blog posts assigned to you. Visit Payu2blog, sponsor of this post, and join.


Anon A. Mus said...

I enjoy the way PayU2Blog gives you freedom to use the advertisers' target words in any positive way in the post. You may have noticed that I sometimes take advantage of that. LOL

By the way, did you get my email in response to your comment at my LiveJournal blog?

CyberCelt said...

@anon a. mus-Sorry, yes I did. I have just started with Payu2blog. I cannot get used to just writing a post and sticking in the key phrase, but it is kind of fun. They gave me like 30 assignments, so I guess I'll adjust. LOL Thanks for stopping by.


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