Monday, June 18, 2007

You Have Been Burned!

When CIA operatives outlive their usefulness, they are burned. This means their bank accounts are frozen, passports are revoked, and every enemy they have made in their covert life are given their whereabouts. No protection, no resources, no friends. This is the premise of the new series, USA Network's Burn Notice.

I would think that someone who had been in covert operations since they were young would have passports, money and property stashed in other names and other places. However, Michael Westin is either very trusting or extremely stupid for a spy. He is dumped in Miami with no cash and no connections.

If I was dumped in a town where I knew no one and had no money, I would cut my hair and change my look completely. I would fade into the world of the homeless. If need be, I would trade clothes with someone else. Then, I would find a hidden place to leave my belongings until I could rent a locker.

I would locate a shelter, if possible, so that I could stay clean. I would try to find work in a cash business like waitressing or housekeeping. Next, I would find a place to eat at least one meal per day, such as a shelter, church or senior citizens' center. Meanwhile, I would hit the dumpsters outside of grocery stores for fresh produce. I would secure at least one plastic container for water and swipe some toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, plastic ware and salt from a fast food place at lunch time.

The night before garbage day, I would be trolling the garbage cans and dumpsters of the affluent areas of town. It is amazing what people throw away. From what I found, I would construct a shelter in a secluded area. I would rig perimeter security from cans and bottles. I would bury my waste and tell no one where I lived.

I would survive, no doubt about it. When I was young, I did survive on the streets for months. I learned to eat leftovers people left on their tables in restaurants during rush hour, crash large parties and events with refreshments, and trade chores for food. It is not an easy life, but if you stay off drugs and alcohol, you can survive.

Visit the website for this new series, Burn Notice, on USANetwork, sponsor of this post. See what Michael Westin does to survive. What would you do?


Drew said...

I got a post about this too, I am really looking forward to the show, it has Bruce Campbell in it, he is the man! Happy C & C Monday.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

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CyberCelt said...

@drew-I am not sure I know who Bruce Campbell is, but I am looking forward to a new show.

@the anitokid-you have been on my faves list since the first time you visited. Congratulations on your anniversary. I guess I should look back and see how long I have been blogging.


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