Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Behavioral Targeting and You

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Google Data Practice Under Fire - read article

From the article:
As Google faces mounting criticism over its data-retention practices, rivals Microsoft, Ask and Yahoo are touting improvements to their own privacy policies... The moves take aim at a major Google vulnerability. The company, currently hoping to purchase DoubleClick, must first persuade the FTC to OK the deal. But consumer privacy groups have been pushing hard for reassurance that Google won’t use DoubleClick’s data about people’s Web-surfing to compile detailed user profiles.

Behavioral targeting is effective. If a company has your surfing history, they can predict with some accuracy your future behavior. If the company is tracking your current activities on line, they can give you what you want.

If you use Gmail, you may have noticed the online advertising changing according to the contents of your emails. No, Google is not reading your email, but they are targeting you. Is this the price we pay for free services? Yes, it is.

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