Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Old People Swarming Facebook

Oh, poor youngsters! Since FaceBook changed their age restrictions, older people are joining in record numbers.

Adrants » Old People Swarm Facebook, Overtake College Students-read article
From the article:
Since September, membership has jumped 89 percent from 14 million to 26.6 million as of May. Fully 10.4 million members are 35 or older. Though that's a significant shift, the biggest growth came from the 25-34 set which jumped 181 percent and the 12-17 set which jumped 149 percent.
This article is funny. You should read it. I never considered that when Facebook was age-restricted, parents and other adults could not go on Facebook and read the latest adventure of their son or daughter. I went to my sons' MySpaces pages, once! It was too depressing to read how they type and look at the stupid things they put on their pages. I am a webmaster, it was embarrassing... LOL

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