Monday, July 9, 2007

Quality Backlinks with Alive Directory

How to Pick a Directory

There are many directories, and directories of directories, on the Internet. How do you know which directories you should use to promote your website or blog?

My suggestions would be that you look for user-friendly sites, check the length of time online, find out the page rank of the directory and note any payment security issues.

I would also suggest that the directory be discriminating in the submission process, accepting only those websites and blogs that meet a certain criterion of which you approve.

About Alive Directory

There is a full range of options for listing your website or blog. Featured listings at Alive Directory are at the top of the page. All other listings are sorted by page rank.

You may choose to add a single link or add a listing with three or five additional links. When you purchase additional links, your website is shown on a separate page dedicated to your website.

Ranking of Alive Directory

Alive Web Directory ( has a current Google page rank of 6, an Alexa ranking of 16,685, and shows 1590+ incoming links. The directory has been online since 10/2005. All payments made through PayPal are secure. Topics and subcategories are organized so that the directory is easy to browse, and there is a search engine onsite.

Submit to Alive Directory

You may submit your websites or blogs for listing in Alive Directory if they are family-friendly and offer spam-free content. Alive Directory does not accept affiliate-only links or websites, pornographic sites or sites that have links leading to such sites, sites that are under construction or sites that redirect viewers to another page. This leads to faster loading time, no adverse experiences with adware or spyware, and a better directory.

Price of Alive Directory Links

There are two sets of pricing, yearly and permanent.

Yearly Pricing
  • Featured $74.95/Year or Featured with 5 additional links $99.95/Year
  • Regular $49.95/Year or Regular with 3 additional links $69.95/Year
  • Regular with Reciprocal $34.95/Year
Permanent Pricing
  • Regular $149.95 or Regular with 3 additional links $209.95
  • Featured $224.95 or Featured with 5 additional links $299.95
Note: Placing a reciprocal link to the directory saves you money on your listing only with the yearly pricing package.


curiouscat said...

There is no fee for being included in the Curious Cat directory - the only barrier is that the site must actually be great (the directory also has a more limited scope than many directories...). Unlike so many directories today that are just meant to provide links this on is actually meant to be used to find great websites. The site has been around for over 10 years.

CyberCelt said...

@curious cat-Thank you for stopping by. I will take a look at cc directory.

Michael said...

Do you have to pay to submit to this directory or is there a free option?

barbi bharadwaj said...

I don understand why people spend so much to get listed in a blog directory?
Is it really worth the money??


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