Monday, July 16, 2007

Top 50 Web Properties

comScore Media Metrix Releases Top 50 Web Rankings for June- view charts

From website:
Yahoo! Sites remained in the top position for the month of June, drawing more than 133 million visitors. Moving up one spot to the number two position, Google Sites attracted nearly 124 million visitors, while Apple Inc. claimed the number 10 spot with 44 million visitors as the iPhone launch bolstered traffic. Sites and Comcast Corporation each gained four spots to attain the number 32 and 35 positions, respectively. Finally, Citysearch and The Mozilla Organization both entered the Top 50 Ranking in June, each attracting more than 15 million visitors.
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chase said...

Lots of people are really busy with the iPhone and actually it includes moi! Hahahaha

CyberCelt said...

@chase-You dog, you have an iPhone. Is it as good as they say? What do you pay for service over there?


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