Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Billboards . . . Advertising or Eye Sore?

I hate billboards. They obscure the skylines in cities, infringe on the natural beauty of the countryside and serve no purpose that I can determine. If I am driving from Houston to San Antonio, do I really need to know that Bombay Gin is the best? Or that if I sidetrack to San Marcos, which is about 50 miles out of my way, I can visit Wonder Cave?

Brazil has made some headway in banning billboards in São Paulo and there is interest in Texas and California as well.

A Sign of Things to Come? - Advertising Age - News - read article
São Paulo made history by banning ads on billboards, neon signs and electronic panels, and now Rio de Janeiro is considering a similar measure. . . In the U.S., Vermont, Maine, Hawaii and Alaska all have long-standing policies forbidding outdoor ads, and legislators in Austin, Texas, and San Francisco have explored similar bans.

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