Monday, October 8, 2007

Opportunity Knocking at Your Door?

Last week, I wrote about Donald Trump's new book and Trump University. Click here to view that post here if you wish. Evidently, I am on the Trump mailing list, for I receive an email about once a day.

The emails contain good information, so I thought I would share it with my readers. There are free resources on site and we all know that one thing Mr. Trump knows how to do is make money. So, if making money is important to you . . . check out the links below.

Trump University

The Trump Blog offers you insights and opinions from Donald Trump and the faculty of Trump University:

Your personalized Trump Advisor helps you select just the right course:

Trump 360 gives you a window on the most important information you need:

Success Stories updates you on how your fellow students are doing:

The latest discussion boards offer free advice, just for the asking, 24 hours a day:

The updated course catalog lists all your options:

Choose from the tremendous variety of free material, along with fantastic audio programs, online courses, master classes, and much more.

And as a special thanks to you, own Donald Trump's personal audio course How to Build a Fortune for only $24.95.

Take a look. If there's anything you need that we don't have, I will personally see to it that we get it for you.

Get ready to win!

To your success,
Michael Sexton
Trump University

P.S. We value your opinion and feedback on Trump University. What we do is all about your success, and I want to make sure we're getting it right.

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