Monday, January 28, 2008

Yahoo! Still in the Game

The first time I heard of Yahoo! was when they acquired RocketMail, one of the first free web email providers. Yahoo! branded each email footer with Yahoo! and a tag line. Yahoo! has since become one of the top three search engines. Lately, they have made some questionable acquisitions that make it appear as if they are lacking a guiding management strategy.

I agree with Mark Simon from Search Insider » Don’t Underestimate Yahoo

He states that Yahoo! has what Google is lacking:

Strong, stable relationships provide unlimited upside . . . since inception, Yahoo has maintained good relations with the content partners. . . Unlike Google, which seems to regard the owners of the content . . . as "subjects," not partners, Yahoo treats these sources with respect in the form of licensing agreements.

Please visit and read the entire story on the site. It would be wonderful if a kinder, gentler search engine relieved Big G's stranglehold on the search engine market. Ask or Yahoo, or one of the many specialty search engines, may knock G@@GLE off their self-made pedestal.

We can only hope.


George said...

I am a HUGE fan of any search engine that can knock google down a bit. I don't mind any se, but having just ONE dominate everything is not good for any of us.

Go Yahoo!


CyberCelt said...

Now Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! Things are happening now. As long as there is competition for Google, there is a check on it.


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