Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Save the Fire Ants and Roaches

Michael and I were talking about having some bumper stickers printed. We like unique (strange and funny) bumper stickers like "compost happens," "save the fire ants and roaches" or "I'm not insensitive, I just don't care." We like the looks and honks we get when we are rolling down the road and someone spots one of them. In the past, we have kept extras on hand for folks to buy. Yes, there are people as wacko as we are! LOL

I started looking for places on the web to have bumper stickers printed. Frontier Labels, Inc. prints bumper stickers for about $1 each. I was excited! However, when I looked at the instructions for preparing files for printing, my excitement died. You must prepare files with a bleed area and a safe zone, both of which take 0.125 inch off the width and the length. You also have to use .jpeg, .tiff or .bmp formats or embed the fonts in the file. You have to create your files using CMYK, not RGB, and submit the file in PDF.

After reading all this information about formatting and file types, I told Michael that we would just have to find some stock bumper stickers we like. Printing has become excessively complicated for me.

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