Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to Lose Credibility as a Twitterer

Methods for monetizing Twitter is something about which everyone has a theory. I did not expect that to do so ad companies would want to take over our Twitter account. That is what Sam Lessin on DigitalNext has suggested.

How to Turn Twitter Into an Ad Network in Three Easy Steps - Advertising Age - DigitalNext
Every ad network needs inventory. In the traditional web, this means ad units next to content. In Twitter, this would mean the right to occasionally insert a tweet into a user's feed. To make this functional, all one would need to do is allow users to enter their Twitter name and password . . .
Of course, Sam Lessin is only suggesting one way that Twitter could be monetized. There are no plans at this time to implement his easy ad network.

Beware if you see something similar on Twitter. If you give an ad network access to your account, you would be dependent upon their screening the ad inventory for relevance to your message. Anyone who has ever let an ad network, like TextLinkAds, place advertising on their blog or website without approval, know that you wind up endorsing anything.

Allowing ad networks access to your Twitter account would be a mistake and a surefire way to lose credibility as a Twitterer.

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