Monday, April 20, 2009

Monetize Your Video with Zunavision

Zunavision allows video bloggers or television producers to replace a framed picture or a television screen in their video with an advertisement.

They have the 3D scanning and analysis technology to ensure that the advertisement is seamlessly embedded in the video. If the same ad spot is viewed again with the video, the angles and shadows will render perfectly.

Zunavision can either embed a permanent ad into your video or simply mark the location of the advertising space placeholder so that the advertisements are dynamically served; hence, no changes to your video.

Big name bloggers are beta testing the network and technology now, but you will soon see Zunavision advertisements on commercial ad-serving sites, such as YouTube and

Zunavision ads may be interactive, like a banner or overlay. The real beauty in this method of promotion is building your brand.

Visit for more information about being a video content provider or an advertiser.


Nieruchomosci Gryfino said...

This looks amazing. I didn't even realise there were companies offering service like this for regular people.

arch said...

Great Blog, Keep Update....


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